Assisted Triceps Dip


This is a great exercises for the chest and triceps.

By pointing the elbows backwards the focus is turned away from the chest and onto the triceps.


  • Set the dipping bars to shoulder wide
  • Hold the bars with thumbs facing forward
  • Step up onto the lever or platform
  • The torso should be vertical with hips straight
  • The elbows should be tight to you sides
  • Allow the body to drop as low as you can, allowing wrists to flex (abduct)


  • Keeping back and hips straight push yourself up
  • The elbows should be tight at your sides
  • Do not lean forward
  • Stop when elbows are fully extended


  • Allow the body to drop to the starting position
  • A mild stretch may be felt across the chest/shoulders
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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