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Cable Seated One Arm Overhead Tricep Extension I



  • Sit on a bench with a near vertical back rest (10°-20°)
  • The bench should face away from machine
  • The top of back rest should be no higher than your ears
  • Attach a single dumbbell grip to a low pulley machine
  • Grasp the grip, place hand behind neck with upper arm vertical
  • The palm should be facing neck


  • Extend the elbow. Do not let the hand cross the centreline of neck (spine)
  • Keep the upper arms vertical and the shoulder flexed. The elbows should hardly move.
  • Stop when a elbow is fully extended


  • Lift the bar by extending the elbows
  • Stop when the elbows are fully extended
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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