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Cable Standing Single Arm Low Row



  • Attach a single dumbbell grip to a low pulley machine
  • Stand facing machine same leg to arm out in front
  • Allow the weight to pull the hand down and forward
  • Allow the shoulder to be pulled forward (protracted) twisting at the waist
  • Lean forward approximately 10° – 20°, or until a mild stretch is felt


  • Pull the grip down towards hip by flexing the elbow & extending shoulder
  • As you pull the grip straighten the torso whilst lifting the chest cavity and pushing it forward


  • Allow the weights to pull the grip back to the start position
  • Twist the torso and protract the shoulder as the arm is pulled forward
  • Allow the weights to lean the torso forward 10°-20°
  • Stop when a mild stretch is felt
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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