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Dumbbell High Bench Lying Fly



  • Lie face down (prone) on a high and level bench
  • The bench should be high enough to allow an extended arm to swing freely
  • Grasp a pair of dumbbells
  • Slightly Flex (10-20°) and fixate the elbow
  • The palms should face each other


  • Lift the dumbbells away from the floor until the arms are level with the bench
  • The upper arms should remain in line with the shoulder
  • Do not flex the elbows
  • Do not lift the weight by rotating the upper arm, lift it with transverse shoulder abduction
  • The little finger should be slightly higher than the thumb


  • Lower the weights keeping it in line with upper chest
  • Gym Etiquette – Do not knock (Chink!) the dumbbells together
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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