Seated Row


Using the vertical grip and keeping the elbows narrow distributes the load across the whole back.


  • Adjust chest pad so that when holding handgrips a slight stretch is felt in the shoulders.
  • Place lower legs on shin rests where fitted.
  • Set the seat high so that the handles are at waist height
  • Grasp the vertical grips with palms facing in


  • Pull the levers back keeping the elbows close to the sides
  • Keep the wrists flat
  • Do not swing the weight using momemtum
  • Do not pull the chest away from the pad


  • Allow the weights to pull hands back to starting position
  • A mild stretch may be felt in the back
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


Keep the torso still, avoiding jerky motions to prevent back injury.

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