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Smiths Machine Deadlift


The smith machine dead lift is great for the hip and back.


  • Place the feat shoulder width apart and flat on the floor
  • The feet should be half way under the bar
  • Grasp the bar with and overhand grip about shoulder width or wider.


  • Lift the bar without jerking by firstly extending knees and then hips
  • Knees and hips should be fully extended.
  • At the very top slightly lift (elevate) and pull back (retract) shoulders
  • The arms and back should be straight during the whole exercise
  • Keep the bar close to thighs


  • Lower the bar completely to the floor
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


If you suffer from back problems, then this exercise isn’t recommended.

Keep the back as flat as possible and perform the exercise smoothly, without jerking.

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