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Smiths Machine Standing Reverse Calf Raise

Smiths Machine Reverse Calf Raise
Target Muscles Target MusclesDorsiflexor of ankle and invertor of foot.
Synergist Muscles Synergist Muscles
Stabilising Muscles Stabilising Muscles



  • Place a calf raise block directly under the bar
  • With the bar across the back of shoulders grasp it with a wide grip
  • The heels should be on the top edge of the block with the toes pointing down
  • Lift the bar by fully extending the knees and hips


  • Lift the toes from the block as high as you can
  • A mild stretch may eb felt down the back of legs
  • Keep the knees and hips fully extended


  • Allow the toes to drop back down onto the block
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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