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Smiths Stiff Back Deadlift



  • Bend over by flexing at the hips, allowing knee to flex slightly.
  • Grasp the bar overhand, slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart
  • Bend the knees sufficiently to reach the bar. A mild hamstrings stretch may be felt.
  • Keep the back straight
  • Start with a light weight and progress cautiously


  • Lift the bar by extending the hips
  • Do not lift the weight with the back muscles. Keep the abdomen contracted.
  • The knees should not flex during exercise, except at the very top to releive muscle tension
  • At the very top slightly lift (elevate) and pull back (retract) shoulders
  • Keep the back straight


  • Return knees to the flexed starting position
  • Flex the hips, lowering the weight to your feet
  • Do not pause or bounce the bar at the bottom
Type: Strength
Duration: seconds per repitition
Rest Periods:


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