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Trapezius (Lower Fibres)



Origin :


    • Medial third of superior nuchal line; external occipital protruberance, nuchal ligament and spinous processes of C7 – T12 vertebrae.



Insertion :


    • Lateral third of clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula.



Innervation :


    • Spinal root of accessory nerve (CN XI) (motor) and cervical nerves (C3 and C4) (pain and proprioception).



Arterial Supply :


    • Transverse certical artery.



Depth :


    • Superficial



Action :


    • Elevates, retracts and rotates scapula


    • Lower (Inferior) fibers depress scapula


Target Muscles Target MusclesElevates, retracts and rotates scapula; Lower (Inferior) fibers depress scapula;