Wordpress Plugin Ideal For Fitness and Gym Websites

Go-Exercise Wordpress Plugin

30th June 2020

Health and Fitness is a popular activity, but there aren't many Wordpress plugins available to help quickly store and publish exercises.

This website uses a

Free Wordpress plug-in called Go-Exercise.

Download Go-Exercise

SEO ranking is important so exercises are displayed using schema.org mark-up.

Importing Muscles

After installation of the plugin, you'll need to install all the muscle images and categories. Luckily, We've created a standard Wordpress xml import to simplify this.

Download the muscle import file from Settings -> Go Exercise.
Navigate to the Tools -> Import screen.

Run Importer
Under Wordpress you may need to install the importer.
If already installed, run the importer.
Browse to the downloaded file.

Browse to import file
Click the 'Upload file and import' button
On the next screen from the drop-down select box assign the imports to an existing Author.

Important Check the box marked 'Download and import file attachments'
The muscles will begin importing. If the install fails due to timeout issues, simply repeat.

Inserting an Exercise Block

Once you have created a library of exercises you are free to insert them into posts. You can do this with our 'Exercises' block (under common blocks).

Exercise Block

Creating Your own Templates

You can use the in-built templates or some web-developers may wish to create their own.

To create your own copy the files from go-exercise-free/public/template to go-exercise-free/templates. Then create a file go-exercise-free/templates/style.css

Save Time and Effort with our Exercise Imports

Barbell Guillotine Press

Barbell Exercise

Cable Flat Bar Standing Upright Row

Cable Exercise

Dumbbell Reverse Preacher Curl

Dumbbell Exercise

Seated Leg Press - Wide Stance

Resistance Machine
Exercise Import

Smiths Machine Squat

Smiths Machine
Exercise Import

Other Health & Fitness Wordpress Plugins

Having owned and run a small but extremely busy gym, I know there are many elements that need to be considered when looking at a fitness website.

As a gym manager, you'll need access to fitness timetables, memberships plans, accounts, payments etc.

Then there are the expectations of the members to deal with. They'll want fitness tracking, diets, etc.

I've put together a list of plugins that may help.

WPGYM – Premium WordPress Gym Management System


It's a premium plugin, however it does cover many vital functions essential for running a small gym. You can collect payments, send invoices and generate reports.
WPGYM – Premium WordPress Gym Management System

Gym Studio Membership Management - free

This plugin doesn't have the features of WPGYM, but is definately worthy of consideration.

This plugin allows you to manage exercise classes, instructors, members, memberships and each member will receive a QR code for their smartphone.
Gym Studio Management

Timetable Responsive Schedule

This is another premium plugin, but then again it's quite powerful.

Timetable is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin for WordPress. It will help you to create a timetable view of your events in minutes! It is perfect for your gym classes, events, meal plans, you name it.

Timetable comes with booking functionality. You can take online reservations for any event within the available number of free slots. The plugin comes with Events Manager, Event Occurrences Shortcode, Timetable Shortcode Generator, and Upcoming Events Widget. It even has an option that allows you to generate PDF from your timetable view.
Timetable Responsive Schedule

WooCoomerce Booking Plugin

WooCommerce is an online store builder for Wordpress. This extension could allow visitors to book sessions with personal trainers, fitness classes or special events. Setting up of this plugin is probably best left to the more experienced web developer.

Before installing this plugin, I suggest you read this guide.
WooCommerce Booking Plugin

Weight Tracker

An easy to use plugin that allows your users to track their weight, body measurements and any custom fields you define. Their entries can be seen in various ways, charts, tables, shortcodes and widgets. The user is able to set targets and modify their entries.

The admin area features a rich user interface to allow site owners and personal trainers interact with their user base and help them achieve their goals.
Weight Loss Tracker

Meal Planner Pro

A free recipe plugin, that uses the latest recipe schema. All recipe info is automatically marked up for Google Recipe View and Pinterest Rich Pin requirements. This combined with our accurate nutrition by ESHA Research and Tagging system ensure the highest ranking in search results.

Meal Planner Pro